Spa pools can be a lot of fun. but they can also be a breeding ground for a lot of nasty germs and
bacteria, that can cause serious illness and infection.
Chlorine kills germs and bacteria, but NOT IN HOT WATER. The only thing chlorine does
when your water is hot, is give off lots of chlorine fumes. If you are using your spa with heated water, the chemicals you use will be BROMINE and BOOST WBAIANCE.
Bromine kills "the nasties" in hot/warm water.
You will need a} Floating Dispenser (with big holes) b} Ag Bromine Tablets c} Boost nbalance.
Place 5 Bromine tablets into floating dispenser and disolve 1 lid full of Boost n' Balance in water and
add to Spa. Run your spa fflter/pump for a minimum Of 3 hours per day including Y2hour after you
get out of the spa.
Each week emptyj/10thof water and replace with fresh. Top up your dispenser with up to 5 bromine
tablets and add a lid full of Boost n' Balance if necessary.


The medical profession recommend that heated water should not be in excess of 40'c and that you should stay in a spa no longer then 30 minutes.
if you are suffering from a medical condition, check with your doctor for their advise for spa use.


Because spa water is hot, two people in a spar is equivalent to 100 people in a swimming pool. This load demands the best sanitation for heated water. Bromine is the recommended sanitation. Unlike chlorine, when bromine comes into contact with bather wastes or bacteria it does not produce claramines but produces bromonines. Bromamines do not have unpleasant odours and are still an effective sanitiser. Chloramines not only smell bad, they irate eyes and nose.

Heated water encourages the pores of our skin to open and therefore it encourages the emissions of waste material and perspiration. Bromine is designed for HOT WATER.

High aeration and agitation combined with body oils, lotions and hot water sometimes causes on undesirable foam level. Although anti forming products are available it is our belief that once foaming occurs there is too much bather waste and bacteria present in the water and it is time to empty water from the spa.


Staining and scaling are common in spas and hot tubs because hot water tends to deposit scale more rapidly. Rapid water circulation can cause erosion of metal parts in the recirculation system leaving stains on surfaces. Contact your local pool professional for advice.


Sometimes matter is introduced into the spa that is too small for the filter to collect. Using Clarifier to coagulate these small particles into larger ones that can be filtered by the filtration system. In addition, initial bleeding of tannin from wood surfaces used in hot tubs can occur, causing cloudiness in hot tubs All rights reserved © Copyright 2000 -